Slide Night takes the formal shape of a traditional slide talk, this one

structure acting as a gimcrack portmanteau, within which function a series of diverse and disconnected movements, tangents and dead ends.

Artist are invited to produce a live presentation, the only rule being there must be at least one 35mm slide shown.

Slide Night has included artists Tom Smith, Paul Becker, Tess Denman Cleaver, Kate Liston, Rene McBrearty, Aaron Guy, Thomas Whittle, Mira Claix, Mark Bleakley, Claricia Kruithof, Totaller, Mark Essen, Cathrine Payton, Astrid Newman, Peter Martin, Lucy Vann, and Dave Sherry.

Slide Night has happened at Rhubaba (Edinburgh), The Northern Charter (Newcastle), S1 Artspace (Sheffield), The NewBridge Project (Newcastle) and Basic Mountain (Edinburgh).